VME International Physics Association (VIPA)

The North American, European and Japanese physics communities have united to work with the VME Standards Organization (VSO) and the VME International Trade Association (VITA) to further extend the VME standard to the benefit of the physics community in the areas of data acquisition, front-end instrumentation, beam line instrumentation and accelerator controls.

The VITA 23-199x specification document has passed task group ballot and is now progressing through the ANSI balloting process. The latest version of this draft specification is available at the VITA home page.

VIPA is also working on a software standard, VITA 25-199x, which defines standard calling routine APIs for VMEbus, VISION ... Versatile I/o Software Interface for Open-bus Networks. Like VITA 23-199x, this document should also start going through the VME Standards Organization balloting process sometime in the first half of 1997.

The European VIPA efforts are centered at CERN. For additional VIPA information, access CERN's VIPA web pages.

Invitation To Participate In VIPA VME Standards Activities

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