The Mu2e Trigger and DAQ (TDAQ) subsystem provides hardware and software for collecting digitized data from the Tracker, Calorimeter, Cosmic Ray Veto and Beam Monitoring systems (Stopping Target Monitor and Extinction Monitor), and delivering that data to online and offline processing for analysis. It is also responsible for detector synchronization, control, monitoring, and operator interfaces.

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For an introduction to the Mu2e experiment, we suggest the following documents:
  • Docdb #6047 - The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
  • Docdb #6377 - Mu2e Final Design Report
  • Mu2e Experiment Web Pages

  • Acronym and Buzzwords Cheat Sheet: Cheat Sheet

    Here is a list of TDAQ documents regarding procedures and user manuals:
  • Mu2e TDAQ wiki
  • Docdb #8282 - Mu2e TDAQ Operator's Manual
  • Docdb #22861 - Mu2e TDAQ Error Handling and Accounting Plans
  • Docdb #11066 - Mu2e TDAQ System and Software Maintenance Plans
  • Docdb #11087 - Mu2e TDAQ Installation Plan and Procedures
  • Docdb #11090 - Mu2e TDAQ Engineering QA Process
  • Docdb #7527 - DAQ Pilot System FMEA