Documentation Index by Family

Production System Overview

Overview Documentation: SVX II Upgrade Readout Electronics

Front End Documentation:

  SVX 3 Device Specification  A Beginners Guide to the SVXII  DDR Specification (Version B)
  SVX 3 BE Chip Changes   A Beginners Guide to the SVXII - D0 Version.  Ten Bits Differential Transceiver (Version B)
 Dense Optical Interface Module (DOIM)  SVX 3 Extender/Adapter Module Specifications

FIB Family Documentation:

FIB Module Specifications  FIB Fanout Module Specifications FFO incl. testing procedures
 FIB Microcode Timing Rules  FIB Transition Module Specifications FTM incl. testing procedures


VRB Family Documentation:

 VRB Module Specification contains everything for the VRB, VFO and VTM

SRC and Backplane Documentation:

 SRC Specification TDR  VRB/FIB Custom J3 Backplane

Test Stand DEM and GSTM Documentation:

 Detector Emulator Module Specifications DEM User Information - Web Version
 GSTM Loop-Back Daughter Card  General System Test Module
 GSTM Master Clock/Trigger Supervisor Interface Daughter Card  GSTM G-Link Receiver Adapter and SRC Command and Status Daughter Card 

SVXII Compact Portcard Documentation:

 Compact Portcard Web Page 

SVXII Test Stand Hardware:

 SVX II Emulator Test stand Specification  SVX II Emulator Board Specification
 Test Port card Specification  Test FIB Specification

SVXII Module Testing Information:

 Module Testing Procedure is an early document setting some philosophies.

Production Testing Software is a later document still under construction

G-Link and Miscellaneous Documentation:

 G-Link/Finisar Tx/Rx Boards  G-Link usage in the SVX system
 Circuitry and Artwork Layout For PC Boards Containing HP G-Link ICs  Xbert Bit Error Rate Tester Specification
 Low Current Differential Signals  VME Module CR/CSR/Geographical Addressing