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Required PTA Firmware
PTA Version Altera Design Files Bit Stream (1 of 3) Bit Stream (2 of 3) Bit Stream (3 of 3)
Date older than 3/29/02 PTA_Debug1a.sof PTA_Debug1a.pof PTA_Debug1a_1.pof
3/29/02 PTA_Debug1a.sof PTA_Debug1a.pof PTA_Debug1a_1.pof

Required PMC Firmware
Rev Top Level Schematic Xilinx Design Files Bit Stream .mcs file Bit Stream .bit file
1.1 PMC_Top.pdf pmc_top.mcs pmc_top.bit

Data Cable and Termination

Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc.
Cable #23195-50
Ph: 1-800-772-0116

Part# FFSD-25-01-N

Power Cable


PMC Resistor Termination Configuration

See "User Documentation" for proper resistor configuration.



Images of connections/setup

Updated 03/07/03
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