BTeV Pixel Readout & Feed-Through Board

Link to FPIX2 Serialier Chip and SSR Chip Test Documentation Page

Pixel Readout

NSS2001 - San Diego, CA  Nov 4-10
           "Development of a Readout Technique for the High Data Rate BTeV Pixel Detector at Fermilab", NSS paper in .pdf format
           NSS Presentation, Power Point File
           NSS Presentation in HTML

Pixel Readout Specification document
          "FPIX Data Readout Design and Protocol for BTeV", Rev 1.1 in .pdf format
          "FPIX Data Readout Design and Protocol for BTeV", Rev 1.1 in .doc format

Latest estimate for number of signals required per module
          Drawing of one pixel station (bend and non-bend view) with estimated number of signals

Presentations on Pixel readout
          02/01/01 Presentation on number of serial lines and design concepts (Power Point)
          04/05/01 Presentation on simulations of different pixel array sizes (Power Point)
          04/19/01 Presentation on outside vacuum cabling (Power Point)
          06/14/01 Presentation on serialization techniques (Power Point)

Pixel Feed-Through Board

Diff Impedance vs. Dielectric Constant, Dielectric Thickness, and Trace Width

Important email describing mistake in Rev2.0 specifications

Rev 3.0 Prototype Feed-through board design specifications

Rev 3.1 Prototype Feed-through board design specifications



Rev 2.0 Prototype Feed-through board component and data sheets

Rev 2.0 Images
        Actual size of complete board:
        To scale complete board board (11"x17" page):
        Key board dimensions and exclusion zones (11"x17" page):
        1/4 station dimensions (11"x17" page):
        1/4 station outside vacuum dimensions (11"x17" page):
        1/4 station inside vacuum dimensions (11"x17" page):

Archived Rev1.0 files

Double FTB Concept
    6/23/03 email describing double FTB concept (.txt)
    Drawing of double FTB concept (.pdf)

HyperLinx File to Estimate Differential Impedance on LVDS signals

Feedthrough board (outside vacuum) drawings & cable selection - Not current as of 5/5/03
          Drawing showing feedthrough boards and cable counts outside the vacuum for 1/4 pixel system (11x17 .pdf) - 09/27/02 Revision
          Drawing showing feed-through board connectors for two 1/4 pixel stations (11x17 .pdf) - 9/27/02 Revision
          Cable elections and estimated costs with links to data sheets - 09/20/05 Revision

          Photograph #1 of bench top PCB vacuum feedthrough test at SiDet
          Photograph #2 of bench top PCB vacuum feedthrough test at SiDet

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